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Hand Tools » Gripping » Pipe Wrenches » Chain Pipe Wrench 75mm

Product Code EC-ECPW2-1/2
Product Description Chain Pipe Wrench 75mm
Product Dimensions Size 75mm
Pipe Capacity 7-75mm
Chain Length 475m m
Features & Benefits - Adjustable Pipe Wrench That Turns Pipe in Either Direction. Ideal for Use on Round, Square, or Irregular Shapes in Confined Spaces
- Drop Forged Steel Jaws are Both Hardened & Tempered for Maximum Strength
- Tensile Steel Chain Loops Quickly Around Pipe & Once Locked, Holds it in Place to Prevent Slippage
- Only Teeth on the Face of Handle Bite into the Pipe, Meaning When These Become Worn Jaws can be Reversed to Double the Life of the Tool
- Drop Forged Steel Cylindrical Handle
Barcode 5012095076070