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Product Code EC-70-24TR

Lightweight Aluminium Frame

Features & Benefits Up to 200KG Force Blade Tension
Quick Blade Change Mechanism
Alternative 45 Degree Blade Mounting For Flush Cutting
Includes Premium Eclipse Blade
Replacement Blades:
Predator Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades
18TPI: EC-71-418RPRED(2PK), EC-71-418R5PRED(5PK) EC-AA45EPRED(100PK)
24TPI: EC-71-414RPRED(2PK), EC-71-424R5PRED(5PK), EC-AA46VPRED(100PK)
32TPI: EC-71-432RPRED(2PK), EC-71-432R5PRED(5PK), EC-AA47RPRED(100PK)
Predator All Hard, Premium M2, Hacksaw Blades
18TPI: EC-71-518RPRED(2PK), EC-71-518R5PRED(5PK), EC-AE44WPRED(100PK)
24TPI: EC-71524RPRED(2PK), EC-71-524R5PRED(5PK), EC-45BPRED(100PK)
32TPI: EC-71-532RPRED(2PK), EC-71532R5PRED(5PK), EC-AE46XPRED(100PK)
Flexible Shatterproof Hacksaw Blades
18TPI: EC-71-318R(2PK), EC-71-318R5(5PK), EC-AS45A(100PK)
24TPI: EC-324R(2PK), EC-71-324R5(5PK), EC-AS46D(100PK)
32TPI: EC-71-332R(2PK), EC-71-332R5(5PK), EC-AS47P(100PK)
Barcode 5012095613015

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Lightweight Aluminium Frame
Code: EC-70-24TR
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